Classroom Education

Resources include presentations given to high school classrooms, visits to working Arizona ranches, as well as a plethora of educational materials to assist teachers in their classrooms when covering the topics of cattle and beef.

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Your class could be one of our stops this year! Please fill out a request. Please allow 5 business days for a reply. We are excited to come visit your classroom.

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Arizona Beef Council Education Resources

Lesson Plans

Beef education in the classroom helps to engage students and educate about beef production, food safety, beef in a healthy diet and more.

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Freebies for Teachers

The Arizona Beef Council offers presentations and materials for FREE to all Arizona educators. Learn more and request materials.

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Beef Up the Classroom Grant

The Arizona Beef Council is proud to offer our Beef Up the Classroom Grant Program to assist in incorporating beef into lesson plans.

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Summer Ag Institute

A unique opportunity for Arizona school teachers to gain valuable knowledge of Arizona's agriculture community.

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