True Beef: From Pasture to Plate

Created by Chef Mike Erickson and his culinary arts students from Pflugerville, Texas, this educational documentary follows agricultural science and culinary arts students as they learn about the entire process of beef production. The documentary is designed to teach culinary arts students where their food comes from while learning the importance of farming and ranching from agriculture students. 

The True Beef project has given students the opportunity to view each phase of the Texas Beef Industry as well as investigate historical and present cooking methods for this valued protein. Interacting with industry professionals, ranchers, agricultural schools, butchers and chefs from across the State of Texas, students learn the processes of the agricultural and culinary arts industries. Starting with Texas ranches and stockyards, continuing with livestock shows and feedlots, the students learned where their beef originates. In addition, students have been educated on the art of butchery along with current cooking trends in leading restaurants across Texas. This educational journey will showcase culinary and agriculture students as well as the pride Texan ranchers have in raising their prized beef.

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Make the farm to fork connection with this series of lesson plans that supports the documentary "True Beef." This guide contains 8 lessons designed for the High School Culinary Arts or Family and Consumer Sciences program, however, STEM connections have been included for all lessons making it easy for teachers to make connections across the curriculum.

Lesson Plans and DVD