Resources for Direct Beef Sales

Are you an Arizona rancher selling beef directly to consumers? We have shareable resources to help ensure your customers are having the best eating experience possible and to help you answer their questions about beef. You are welcome to link to any of these resources on your website and social media channels or print them as handouts for farmer's markets, events, or for care packages for your customers. 

If you are in need of something different than what is listed here, please contact us via email or call 602-273-7163. 

Steer Cut Chart

How much beef do I get?

A common question when customers purchase a whole, half, quarter, or share of beef. Here is a helpful guide.

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Beef Retail Cuts Chart 2021

Beef Cuts Chart

Cut chart featuring the most common breakdown of cuts from each primal. Also includes most common cooking method for each cut. Available to download, as a handout (8.5" x 11") or laminated poster size (24 1/2" x 38"). 

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Online Cut Search

Beef. It's What's for Dinner.'s digital cut library hosts a plethora of searchable beef cut resources, including primal and subprimal information, cooking recommendations, recipes, images, nutrition information, and more.

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Grecian Beef Top Loin Steaks and Mushroom Kabobs Step 3 (temping steaks)

Beef Safety at Home

The freezer is full. Now what? Here are guides and tips to properly and safely store, defrost, handle and cook beef.

Beef Safety at Home

Thawing Ground Beef (one method)

How to Batch Cook Steak

Batch Cooking with Beef

Keep healthy meals on the table and stress out of the kitchen with these simple batch cooking suggestions.

How to Batch Cook Steak 

How to Batch Cook Shredded Beef

Health Professional Fact Sheets

Protein Benefits

Beef is one powerful protein. Learn more from this helpful infographic.

Beef Nutrition

Protein Infographic

Beef Sustainability Facts

Sustainability Infographic

Receiving questions about sustainability and environmental stewardship? This infographic is a great share.


Beef & Sustainability