Arizona's Cattle Community

Arizona Cattle and Beef Statistics:

  • 20,005 farms and ranches^
  • 6,029 farms and ranches with cattle^
  • Total number of cattle and calves on January 1, 2015: 880,000 head* (ranked 32nd in the nation)
  • Cattle are raised in every county in Arizona.
  • In 2014, cattle and calf sales surpassed $1.17 Billion.

^2012 Census of Agriculture
*2014 United States Department of Agriculture, Natoinal Agricultural Statistics Service, Annual Statistics Bulletin


The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy:
A study by the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (read the 2014 study here)

  • Arizona's beef industry manages more than 71 percent of the state’s cattle and calf inventory.
  • Grazing is the dominant land use in Arizona, making up 73 percent of Arizona’s total land area and approximately 98 percent of Arizona’s total agricultural
    land, with cropland accounting for the remaining 2 percent of agricultural
  • The beef community contributed $431 million to Arizona’s GDP. 
  • Approximately 21 percent of all farms in Arizona specialize in beef production.
  • The beef industry exports approximately $521 million (43%) of its total beef output.
  • For every 100 jobs in the cattle community, 65 jobs in outside operations are created.




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